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My research has addressed diverse problems in the fields of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, and Conservation with a focus on understanding the drivers shaping speciation, resilience and distribution. The theme to date is understanding how different selective pressures (historical, anthropogenic, disease) influence wildlife communities, and how this varies taxonomically, geographically, and relates to processes of speciation and ultimately conservation management.


Yoda bat  |Happy tube nosed fruit bat|Nyctimene wrightae

A tube nosed fruit bat affectionately named after a Star Wars’ character, Yoda, has been officially recognised as a new species. The bat, discovered in New Guinea , was given the nickname Yoda because of its resemblance to the famed Jedi Master. It was re-christened the Hamamas fruit bat after the Tok pisin word for “happy” because of its apparent grin caused by a rounder jaw than other fruit bats. Nyctimene wrightae is named after field biologist Deb Wright.

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