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2018    N. Martínková, J. Pikula, J. Zukala, V. Kovacova, H. Bandouchova, T. Bartonička, A. D. Botvinkine, J. Brichtac, H. Dundarova, T. Kokurewicz, N. R. Irwin , P. Linhart, O. L. Orlovi, V. Piacekc, P. Škrabánek, M. P. Tiunovm, and A. Zahradníková jrHibernation temperature-dependent Pseudogymnoascus destructans infection intensity in Palearctic bats. Virulence 2018, 9:1, 1734–1750: https://doi.org/10.1080/21505594.2018.1548685

2017   Irwin, N. Description of a new widespread Tube-nosed fruit bat from mainland New Guinea, Nyctimene wrightae, sp. nov., with re-diagnosis of N. certans and N. cyclotis (Pteropodidae: Chiroptera). Records of the Australian Museum. 6:2, 73-100.


2013  Koubínová, D., Irwin, N.R., Hulva, P., Koubek, P. & Zima, J.  Hidden diversity in Senegalese bats and associated findings in the systematics of the family Vespertilionidae. Frontiers in Zoology 10,1. doi:10.1186/1742-9994-10-48

2012  Irwin, N.R., Bayerlová, M., Missa, O. & Martínková, N. (2012) Complex patterns of host switching in New World arenaviruses. Molecular Ecology 21, 4137–4150.

2012  Pikula, J., Bandouchova, H., Novotný, L., Meteyer, C.U., Zukal, J., Irwin, N.R., Zima, J. & Martínková, N. Histopathology confirms white-nose syndrome in bats in Europe. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 48, 207-21

2009  Stuart-Fox, D., Godhino, R, Goüy de Bellocq, J., Irwin, N.R., Brito, J.C., Moussalli, A., Široky, P., Hugall, A.F. & Baird, S. Variation in phenotype, parasite load and male competitive ability across a cryptic hybrid zone, PLoS One 4 (5), e5677

2009  Moraza, M.L., Irwin, N.R., Godinho, R., Baird, S.J.E. & De Bellocq, J.  A new species of Ophionyssus Mégnin (Acari: Mesostigmata: Macronyssidae) parasitic on Lacerta schreiberi Bedriaga (Reptilia: Lacertidae) from the Iberian Peninsula, and a world key to species. Zootaxa 2007, 58–68


2009  Stuart-Fox, D., Godhino, R., Irwin, N., Goüy de Bellocq, J., Brito, J., Moussalli, A., Hugall, A.F. & Baird, S. Can scent-mediated female mate preference explain an abrupt mtDNA cline in Lacerta schreiberi? Behaviour 146, 831-841


2003  Irwin N. & Speakman J. Azorean bats Nyctalus azoreum cluster as they emerge from roosts, despite the lack of avian predators. Acta Chiropterologica 5(2), 185-192

1999  Speakman J.R., Irwin N., Tallach, N. & Stone, R. Effect of roost size on the emergence behaviour of pipistrelle bats. Animal Behaviour 58(4), 787-795.

Academic Publications 


Non refereed Publications

Irwin, Nancy (2013) Of Molecules, Cryptic Bats and Refugia, Bats, Volume 31, 4, 14-15

Irwin, Nancy (2011) Field Collection of Molecular Samples, 27 pages, in Field Guide for Papua New Guinea, Institute of Biology, Papua New Guinea.

Irwin, Nancy (2000) The effects of a walk-about saw mill on the bat fauna of a lowland rainforest in Papua New Guinea. Ninth Australasian Bat Research Conference: Maitland, New South Wales. Australia Bat Research News: 41(2): 46.

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